Friday, July 3, 2009

Now I'm getting my ass kicked

I am trying to secure a home health care professional 4 hours a day for my 92 year old Grandmother who lives at her home. To free me up for investing. One prospect wanted to bring her 12 year old daughter and argued with me on the phone when I told her no children for liability issues. It is a long story how this person argued, I had to tell her finally that we would call her when school started again. In the mean time, I hear from a mutual aquaintance she obtained day care for her daughter and was expecting to report to work ??? I never offered her the job. I called her to tell her she didn't have the job and got not only a hostile earful of where I could stick the job but she went on and on with 'you said this and you said that". WHOA! I told her that I wanted to be blunt and upfront with her and said, "you are abrasive and you might want to look at other career paths." Oh My, that was a mistake! Now she's gonna kick my ass when she sees me at the grocery store, or the post office! (she better pack her lunch) translation= bring it. Very professional eh? So, the moral of this story is, only be 'blunt and upfront' with someone when they ask you to be or they may not be so receptive to it. LOL Another lesson in people magnetism...I'm batting 1000.

Happy safe and non-violent 4th to all!


Scott Costello said...

It is funny how people are. How in the world did that lady think she was hired? I would have paid to see what would have happened if you didn't find out and never called back to "discuss".

P.S. Resource Share Group is calling (check email) :)

Shae said...

LOL! Kelly...that is a riot. Bring it on crazy lady!!

Steph said...

Wow, what a whack job.

Sounds like she would be the last person you would want taking care of a loved one.

If she tries to mess with you, I've got your back.. :)

Kelly said...

I'm SO glad we stopped that before she started!

One loco lady.

Thanks Steph :)