Thursday, July 16, 2009

The hood's not so bad

It is hot today. I think it is close to 105. Monday we went to the hood to drive comps and try to find 'for rent' signs or contractors at the cash solds sites. We saw one 'for rent' sign by owner and a couple of rental management companies. It was sad, almost as sad as Vegas. Nice homes, nice neighborhoods, super new nice high school, big open parkways and the river right there. The area has been hit hard.
I can't get a definite split on my three market prices though. (Bob Norton students know what I'm talking about.) I'm still a little confused but, I won't say anything yet. Like the kid in class that is the only one that doesn't get it. I thought I got it....but when I had to apply it, I am missing something. I went back to the videos, watched them over again. Had one screen open in the mls and one playing the video. I don't see any wholesale market. Crap! My steps are correct but my numbers are not what they should be. I can't think when I am pissed, which is negative.

I'm going to change areas, maybe try a different town and county to find a clear split there.

Deep breath/////

I finished my vision board but it's missing one thing, I can't think of the picture to represent helping some of my family members. I kept waiting for just the right photo in a magazine or brochure for all the other stuff. Finally I googled the rest of the images and printed them out. Voila... I might take a picture of it and use it as a wallpaper for the computer. Yay, it's done!

My predictions for UFC 100 in Las Vegas last weekend were pretty accurate. I don't feel like I jinxed it this time. Had to throw that in.

We went blackberry picking Saturday. We have a secret place where the wild grape vines take over the swamp oak trees to look like 30 foot tall grape vines. The grapes are no good. It is on a creek so the berries get lots of water. We lay a sheet of plywood on top of the vines so you can walk (bounce) in to where the good ones are. The rattlesnakes like to hang out in the vines so you have to wear boots and be careful. Maybe this weekend there will be sweeter berries, they weren't quite ready. I enjoy these little vacations. Ah, summer in the mountains.

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