Wednesday, July 22, 2009

oh magoo

I feel like Magoo where he just drives along minding his merry way when chaos is all around him, some of it caused by him but he is oblivious. Last week we missed accidents on the freeway, a fire, and two pot farm busts. Seems like our secret berry spot was pretty attractive to the Mexican Pot farmers. I could have been killed picking berries! I stood there for a long time just listening to the birds, taking it all in, looking at the freak rain clouds. I did think to myself how remote the little valley was and what a nice place for a home right there on the creek. Nothing was suspicious, I didn't smell weed, didn't see weed. I think they pulled 5000+ plants out the day after we went berry picking and pulled out several thousand just last Monday. All within a mile radius. This time of year you take your life in your own hands hiking around.

The town celebrated the opening of the new highway bypass yesterday. Who does this? It's a ROAD! Actually, the tourism feeds the town, the road bypasses the town so visitors can go straight up to the cabins and not stop for antiques. And they all celebrated..... We are so hokey! LOL, They celebrate everything here, it really is a fun place to live.

I will be one with the MLS today, My goal is to make offers on Friday. Then..... I can start blogging about my deals!

I am missing Steph's blog. I know you are too :)

Hey, that call last night about flash funding with JP and Bob was a treat! Nope, that wasn't my question at the end of the call.

Y'all be cool. ...and busy.

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