Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Friday

I researched more of the POWER OF LESS, and the Tim Ferriss blog page and I know now that I eliminate the weekly goals and Focus on one habit for the month.

I think I will just put the goals on a 'to do' list. I keep a binder in the kitchen with phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, heater filter sizes, stuff like that. In the back is my to do list and behind that is the Master to do list with things like paint the deck, replace latice, repair downspout, trench for automatic sprinklers, paint the bathroom, etc. It gets overwhelming, but if I write it down, then it is out of my head. I check the binder in the morning and carry on.

I went fishing last night after dinner. I listened to Tim Ferriss 4 Hour work week and watched the water. Heavenly.

The Red Wings are just playin, they won't take it in 5. I didn't catch game 4, went fishing so, I had to read about it. Not the same.

If there is anyone who hasn't read the four hour workweek, I have the audio that I will send. Just shoot me an email with your address and I will send it right out.

Tonite we are BBQing venison and asparagus, yummy!

Till Monday, enjoy your weekend.


Scott Costello said...

Hey Kelly,

I finished the book about a month ago and wouldn't mind the audio. If it's not to much trouble my email address is scostell AT yahoo DOT com

Kelly said...

They're yours. I'm glad you are taking them. I emailed you. I'm going to the post office in the morning.