Monday, May 11, 2009

Ah, Monday

I'm so glad Stephani started this accountability Monday!! Either I have accomplished more or just been aware that I have accomplished more. I haven't written about all the mundane stuff I have achieved, It's a lot! All good.

Drove all over tar-nation delivering Mother's day wishes to Gramas and Moms. Next year, BBQ, my house, I'm not goin' anywhere! I am celebrating MY mother's day today. Dinner with the Son's and their honeys.

I finished the details of the spare room just in time to have my Son move back home for a couple of months. Oh well, now I don't have to move the stuff in the den. Woo Hoo two goals done!!

ok, last weeks goals:

1) finish painting the spare room. Check
2) finish moving stuff to the spare room. Check
3) meet with Dee Dee. Check
4) start presentation outline with timeline for completion. Check
5) obtain remote mls access to Vegas ~harder than I thought
6) follow up with zip realty. ~they probably blocked my email and think I am a loonie. So Check ~screw them
7) familiarize myself with postlets ~Check ~made an account
8) get Kevin's craigslist copy for private money. ~emailed response
9) work on
vision board. ~gathering clippings and photos....half Check
10) get someone's login to realcomp. failed, didn't even try
11) review Saturday workshop and submit questions. ~ Check~but, Missed the Wednesday call because of prior engagement....I don't think it was recorded..bummer

So, carry over goals would be:
1) follow up with Kevin
2) try to get mls access while I am in Vegas IN 3 FREAKIN DAYS YEAHYA, oh, I'm so excited!!
3) put together vision board
4) locate someone with realcomp
5) NEW
GOAL review kiss flipping stuff
6) get the van serviced
7) pack before end of Tuesday, I don't know why but I am always last minute on the packing thing.
8) finish listening to T. Harv Ecker Millionaire Mind....SO much easier to listen to than read. Only 3 hours long. I might have to listen twice to some stuff because I am doin other stuff w
hile listening. THE Best stuff I have listened to in a long time. I say stuff a lot.

I downloaded Eddie Izzard voice for the tomtom navi, that should be fun. I would insert a link on Eddies name so you could see who he is, but, I don't know how to do all of that fancy stuff. :) ...

So, If anyone has some "don't miss it" ideas for Vegas, I'd love to hear them. We have one night free. We're goin' on t
he cheap so, no 'cirq de so much money' shows. We might just drive for dollars 'till it gets too dark to see, then head back to the strip.

Gotta go, many chores, few moons!


Anonymous said...


Are you planning to seek private money from craiglist? I ask because I see that you are trying to get copy from a Kevin.

Im in the process in seeking a private money guy and I thought about posting an ad on craigslist, but I just dont see investors surfing the web looking for opportunity's to invest their money in

Kelly said...

Yep. I'm with you on that thought too. However, that is where Kevin found his money man. It won't be my only play. Since it is free, I'll be using it. I thought also that at least it would be good practice speaking to potential prospects. As soon as he responds, I will be posting his ad here. :)

Anonymous said...

That will be great! I would like to see what the copy says. I guess it doesnt hurt to try different avenues when looking for the money guy :)

Steph said...

Hey Kelly,

Nice job with keeping up with your goals.

I need to get my butt in gear and get my stuff done this week!

Keep it up,