Monday, May 18, 2009

Bob Norton/ AMAZING

Last week's goals:
1) follow up with Kevin X
2) try to get mls access while I am in Vegas To be revisited in a couple of weeks
3)vision board Not finished
4) locate someone with realcomp No need
5) review kiss flipping stuff X listened all the way to Vegas
6) van serviced X
7) pack before end of Tuesday. X
8) finish listening to T. Harv Ecker Millionaire Mind.
X listened a few times

I talked to Kevin and he did not place a craigslist ad to attract private money, he responded to an ad. More details later. I mostly finished the goals and plan to be more precise on the future goals.

This week's goals:
1) Explore a new market and try to obtain my own 'anytime' access from my realtor.
2) Work on my roads. Develop a plan with specific check points.
3) AM Meditation
4) read the wallstreet journal online
5) sling mud
6) excersize ..yep, I snuck it in there!
7) send stuff to Ahmed
8) send stuff to Alex
9) connect with bootcampers
10) because 9 is not enough...drink more water.
These might not make sense to anyone right now but will be explained later.

O.M.G.I had the most amazing time!! I can't begin to describe how my life and outlook have changed! I won't ever be the same. Being in Las Vegas was secondary. This event could have been anywhere!! I am more emotional about it than I ever thought I would be, so, it is very difficult to talk about. I just hope that Bob took away value from this trip, because I know I and everyone else did!! I beleive there will be a 100% success rate as a result of this bootcamp. I am committed to being successful and it will happen for me, or I will die trying! Yep, you heard it. Game face is on, I'm gonna kick tail!! --deep breath--

Vegas was hot. We didn't gamble, but we watched the roulette wheel and made guesses and I walked away with my money still in my pocket and felt smart. We went to the top of the Stratosphere at night , the lights were amazing, Vegas is a very big place!! Tim was on his own Friday, he didn't cause too much trouble, at least he didn't tell me about it ;) . We all went to the Rio Buffet, the largest amount of food I have ever seen!! We all had fun. We lost Kevin though.

We were able to see a couple of actual deals that Bob is working on and got to ask questions.

On our way home we took a pit stop at Buffalo bills, Tim put a dollar in the machine waiting for me to return and won $40.00. I put 10.00 on a side bet on roulette and won $20.00 so, we came home $49.00 winners, woo!!

I have so much to do this week that it is difficult to take the time to post this blog. Too much swimming around in my head. I'm thinking of building a casita and moving my office into it :) That was random.

Gotta go, gotta goal!!

OH YEAH... I am looking for some private money. I would like a money partner to split profits with on my deals.

Have a killer week!!

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