Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Livin on the edge or the verge

Been a long time..... Stuff has happened. I've been studying the Kiss flipping ,JP ,Bob Norton stuff. Friggin Brilliant is my opinion!

My soon to be 92 year old Grandmother has taken to her power chair and her house has broken stuff all over it now. I'm constantly going over there. She lives 15 minutes away and insists on living alone. She called me to say she thought her phone was broken....uh, Hello? I'm in the process of finding day help for her. She doesn't play well with others, so I know I will always have to have a back up. It is draining. She won't go to an assisted living because she see's that as the beginning of the end. I totally understand that. It is difficult sometimes.

I am going to be starting my RE License course, online. I have my 4 Brokers lined up to hang the license. Once I get closer to finished I will meet with them one by one. I have to be an agent for 2 years before I can sit for the Broker exam. I want to be a Broker like Jodi and call my own shots :) I just want it for unlimited MLS access and to have access to view listed properties. Also, it is easier to explain what I do for a living. You know how supportive family can be......"oh, she wants to do that flipping house thing, in this market??? poor girl. She should keep her REAL job." Whatever... They'll see.

I joined the go be productive stuff at the advice of JP. I'm having a difficult time with all of that. I think it might be more helpful if I had an actual business and producing. I thought it would magically solve my constant daily distractions issues. I can't see how it's gonna help yet. I wrote out my to do list, I stopped at 3 pages. I'm not going to think about any more than that because it gets overwhelming and really discouraging so then I find something fun to do instead! One of the excersizes is to let go of the "stuff from yesterday" in the morning. So if you are bugged by something unfinished the day before.....Let it go.....just don't think about it. My first thoughts are what a load of crap that is! How am I supposed to do that? So, I tried anyway because what I
have been doing isn't working very well for me. I might have to review that chapter! Oh, and the 'delegate stuff' part. I don't know if it is a gender thing or not but, keepin the place clean, planning the meals, payin the bills, pullin the weeds, runnin the errands is a big chunk of time out of my week, I can't afford to delegate it yet. I guess that will work itself out.

I'm trying to scrape together money to go to Las Vegas to the Kiss Flipping event. I wanted to take Ginny from Sacramento, known as gsom on fh. She hasn't gone through the Kiss training yet so she will probably go next time. She is days away from closing on her first flip!! Yay! ...So Tim and I hopefully will be driving out to Las Vegas.
If the pass is open, still might be a lot of snow. Driving down the center of California is pretty blah, lots of ag, corn, walnuts, almonds, cotton, cattle. but, up over the pass is breathtakingly beautiful, pines and wildlife. Maybe we will take tioga which is through Yosemite which is where the word 'Awesome' comes from I think. Tim is taking a couple of vacation days to go, he doesn't take days off. The last vacation he went on was Baltimore in 2007 to Steve's bootcamp . I'm going to take him to the top of the stratasphere at sunset, go to the Fremont Street light show, go see all of the free stuff on the strip like the water shows and da vite liowns ot de murrraaj (white lions at the mirage) , the Harley Davidson Cafe, shoot some craps, the first day, then it's all business. I'm going to take lots of pics for posting.

Oh, and Trout stream openers was last Saturday, Tim caught 2, I sat it out and listened to Money magnetism on the ipod. It was a great opp for me to listen without any distractions! Perfect!

So, this accountability Monday stuff. I'm late for that. after a pause ....ok, I'll do it. :)

My goals for this week:

1) Finish painting spare room.

2) Move stuff from den into spare room

3) Clean the outside furniture on the deck and the front yards

4) Work towards RE training, meeting out of town Wednesday.

5) go get burn permit for bonfire at forestry station

6) plan bonfire party / everybody brings their stuff they would normally shred & burn it instead

7) Be Positive, be good energy for those around me. (I added that one after reading over this post/ Debbie Downer! Gotta change that!)

As these mundane things get done....the more I can focus on REI tasks.

Later Gators!

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