Monday, March 2, 2009

A Day Off

I have spent the last week being a good student, scanning the mls and listening to the kiss flipping audios. I tried the audio 'go faster free trial thing' (enounce Myspeed) for the videos. Wow it is great! I sometimes have to rewind because I missed a point, but all in all it is a great tool.

Tim has been working 10 hour days for 13 days straight so on the 14th day, I took him fishing. He even smoked a stogie. It was too windy for the boat so we braved the shore. It was such crappy weather, rainy, windy, cold. The best thing about the day was watching the huge Osprey dive for dinner. They are amazing! They dove right in front of us! Normally the spot we were at is WAY under water, but the lake is half full because of drought. It is supposed to rain all week so that will help a little.

I found this cool thing on zip realty (not in all areas) , I love the site. Before I had MLS access I would use zip. I could comp using the map function and search sold homes, use the birds eye to see actuall photos of the house from the air (and everyone's backyard) and you can get street view which allows you to drive up and down the street and turn around to see the hood from the computer! It also shows history of the price reductions of that property. Lots of neat stuff for free. They started a section called predict it. You type in your sold price prediction and it keeps a log on a seperate page for you. It was helpful because I was able to see when the home went pending. When the house sells, it is placed on your sold page and you are scored on how close your prediction was. So far they have not updated the solds. I have been playing since the last week in December. I am curious how well I did ??? Zip doesn't show the listed homes for sale, which you can get from other sites like trulia.

I have decided to unsubscribe to quite a few email lists. It is too distracting to hear about everyone's latest thing. I think JP will keep me informed of the Latest and seek out more information if I want it. He is like an information Broker. And, no more mini seminars from the REIAs. Although, the one with Paul Esajian was fun (he is so cute!) and the one this month with Bruce Norris (I think he is Chuck's brother?) Bruce is the market expert for we listen to him. But after that, no more REIA group meetings! Unless John Hyre comes back, I'd see him again, What a brain that man has!! -and he has a great wit!

I need to focus and become the expert. I WILL focus and become the expert.


Jodi Quinn said...

This is a long day off!!!(kidding :))
What's happening these days??

Kelly said...

Yeah! I guess so. sheesh! I'm playing the accountability Monday game. I'll see if that will help me. :)