Thursday, April 30, 2009


I drove my target 'hood' yesterday and took 2 for rent sign phone numbers, no answer, no machine on either...strange. I saw one rehab, maybe. I didn't research to see if it was an owner occ so I didn't stop to speak at them. I'm thinking about talking to my credit union as the "local bank" I'm pretty friendly with all the folks at the branch and it is a pretty small but strong credit union. Couldn't hurt. I just need to rehearse my schpeel.

I emailed zip realty again regarding the solds not showing up in their predict it game. I've been messing around playing since mid December and no sold information yet? What is the point of trying to predict if there is no feedback? So, I'm pretty sure the market has changed since mid December. Frustrating. I have emailed them 4 times now, no response. I would let it go but I use this as a cool tool when I don't have mls access. I don't have 24/7 mls access like I'd like. I've been looking at Tampa, Las Vegas and Sacramento. We had a lul in foreclosure listings since January, but now I'm noticing Las Vegas is letting them out pretty regular now. I plan to check it out when (if) I go in a couple of weeks. I'm even tossing around the thoughts of moving there for a couple of years. Tim hates the heat. We will see.

I'm right on track with my accountability Monday tasks. Thank you Steph!

One of the brokers that I was thinking of hanging my license with passed away last weekend, she was 53. Life is short and precious eh? Her services are Monday, My Mom and I will go.

I checked out the positive affirmations from one of Jerry's past blog posts. On the same link was vision board stuff. I was kickin around the idea of creating one and almost bought a book. Now I don't have to because it is all right there, funny how answers are there sometimes. I've been using the Bob Norton affirmation every time I see money, "I am a money magnet. Money is easy and flows freely into my life." Then I add, "As it is." Then I can't help but saying, "Same as it ever was" from Talking Heads cause I'm goofy like that. I should probably take it more serious.

/On an unrelated note, I can't keep the hummingbird feeders full. It is a good thing they are small. They are fierce little creatures. I think I've said that before. Then this bird crashed the party, only when I had the camera out.

Have a great Thursday!

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