Friday, February 20, 2009

Well, I did it!

I ordered the Bob Norton, JP KISS flipping thing. I met Bob at the famous 2007 bootcamp of Steve Cook's in Baltimore. How he explained things was perfect and I thought at that time that he needed to give more details. I like listening to him. I don't know when his live bootcamp will be but, I think it will be a lot of fun. I think I was one of the first to order so tickets were part of the bonus. I don't really care, I'll go anyway. I wanted to go to Steve's event this year, couldn't swing it.

Yesterday I was scrambling around here trying to get everything done before heading out to the big metro of Sacramento (2hours away) for my REIA with Jay the fixer as the speaker. I wanted to go to see my peeps and make some more connections. I could go to lunch with my hubby and do some big city shopping. That didn't happen. I instead went to my 91 year old Grandmother's house to make sure she could maneuver her new power chair. This took WAY longer than I thought. If you can visualize the Austin Powers scene where he is trying to turn the people mover around in the hallway (back and forth, back and forth) THAT was her!! It was hilarious! She was laughing like a little kid! I'm going to have to rehab her house, those poor walls are in for it. So, it was too late to go to Sac. I will catch it next month when Bruce Norris will be there. It would be totally awesome if I had a property to peddle at the meeting next month!

I made a call to my Realtor, I will be researching the MLS Today. YAY! I don't really know how to navigate it all the way yet. More learnin'! I might be an information junkie.

It is a beautiful day! Crispy cold sunny. Makes me want to start a garden! The cows are not laying down so it is a GOOD fishing day. Am I the only one who has ever heard that ol' boy's tale? Yeah, cows laying down = bad fishing day. Now you know... My cover photo up there is a super fishing spot, it actually is a lake but we are in a drought, I used to tie off my boat to the underside of that bridge. Can't get the boat near there now.

Enjoy your day!!

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