Tuesday, February 17, 2009

^^Copy of Jan. 16, 2009^^

I went to my REIA group meeting last night and listened to Jack Shea. Wonderfully creative ideas! He has a 2 day workshop this weekend on options and land trusts. Part of me wants to just "run what I brung" which means put into action what I have already learned. Part of me thinks that I need these strategies, they are the missing key for obtaining deals. I'm getting to know my market, I have my Realtor, have my MLS access, have my proof of funds letter.......needed: end buyer, end buyer funding, my own title company, viable exit strategy. I want to save my money for my emd. I'm on the fence.

I met a Money couple last night who have access to self directed IRA cash buyers! I asked them if they were interested in my market......They said YES! WOW!! That was too easy. I will be contacting them to see what they are looking for exactly. It was such a good meeting for me. Usually I wait in the back and watch everyone talk, they all seem to know each other. This time, I boldly walked in and introduced myself to everyone I met eye contact with and shook hands. There wasn't enough time to say all that I wanted to say. And It seemed to pay off....we will see.

I also met a guy who does loan mods for a fee....don't know how I feel about that. \

I had planned on researching the market to maybe nail down the value of a clean REO today, going to Jack's seminar this weekend, then Monday, start submitting offers. I have 86 properties that I am targeting. There were 97 but 11 have gone pending. I will be trying to find out if there's a way to see what was offered or what info is on the contract.....maybe I just have to wait 'till it closes....don't know....more learnin'!

oh yeah, the property in my backyard was listed for 2 days then pending. I spoke to the listing agent who told me the offer was over the listing price. good to know.

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