Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bank contact

Well, I went Friday to my friendly new realtor office and worked on studying the MLS for cash buyers and solds in my target zip. So much information, I can't wait till I can study this stuff on my own. I have full access but only in my realtor's office.

On my way home, I stopped at a local bank, who had been bought out by a bigger bank and we spoke for a couple of minutes.....I wasn't nervous!!! Maybe because he was younger than me. After the rejection, I asked if he could steer me in the right direction. He gave me the names of two banks that I might try. Great! I went to the other two banks, one farms out all of the residential loans and one has a rep that only meets by appointment in another town. So far, so fair. I will be going tomorrow for more research and will map out banks to talk to. I will be searching the archives of the flipping homes site for what to ask of the banks.

January 12, 2009
^^Copy from old blog^^
Over the weekend I found an reo in my own backyard, owned by Chase but the info in the county records is incorrect according to OC title. I was trying to get the parcel map info because of a vacant lot beside and behind that could be a possible garage site. I couldn't get any info. I want to get it, fix it and rent it out, but I don't have the reserves for that. The property is great!!

This week is a REIA meeting, can't wait.


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