Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Baby Steps

I don't know how to import and export blog stuff. Since this is kinda new, I will copy and paste. This is now my new current blog. from January 12, 2009
This is a copy of what I posted on the Flippinghomes website***
Hi All!
I went to my target zipcode today to research the county records. I don't really know what I am doing so it takes a bit of time. The clerks are probably burned out from so many questions and are not that helpful. Once I figure it all out, I am going to type up a tutorial as a public service! I'm trying to learn my market. I am not sure how to search for and find cash buyers that have closed in the last month, please help. Where do I look? I thought only the MLS had the info I was looking for so off I went to find an agent. I have been rejected access so many times by Realtors in the past, that I had stopped trying.

I decided to push through (be brave), took a deep breath and spoke to the "agent on the floor". I explained that I was trying to follow a certain model and asked if she would be interested in submitting offers, letting me write my own offers, occasionally showing me properties but mostly text messaging me the lock box codes and allowing me to work as her assistant for access to the MLS. She said, "YES!!" I had my best poker face on, I remained calm, inside I was jumping up and down! Major victory today!!

Tomorrow morning we meet at her office, she will log me in and I can share her office for the day and research all I want...WOW! Once we establish a relationship, she will allow remote access. Our MLS has a key fob top secret krypto digital code that changes every few minutes like a password. She thinks the only way to obtain a magical key fob is to be licensed. Why would you want to be a licensed assistant??? We are looking into it, do any of you Californians know MLS access requirements?

I drove all day and found one bandit sign with a local number. I will call it tomorrow. I always thought you needed the buyer before the property. (?) My big fear is to find the deals having only the Coastal letter and not be able to find the end buyer and not be able to close it myself. I just know there are a lot of folks in my same situation. I don't want to be labeled as flaky before I get to prove myself. I am not successful in finding a money partner yet.

I'm wanting to make offers off of the MLS on REO's , then "full service" wholesale to investor landlords ~ we have a ton of local banks. I have to know exactly what to ask of them so I don't mess that up.

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