Monday, August 23, 2010

Yep, it closed.

So, it closed.
It took forevvvveeerr!
I plan on disecting it to post the problems here so that we all may learn.

I'm looking at a couple of others that are being reviewed by my partner. They are marginal. If I had my buyers list I could wholesale the big one....They want their gigantic deposit today so, I will have to hustle.

The smaller one is a couple miles from me and would be ideal! I'm thinkin' a week maybe two, then back on the market. I really, really, really want this one.

Gotta run, trying to obtain new mls access. This week will be very productive!

Happy Monday!


Shae said...

Congrats Kelly! Looking forward to the deal dissection :-)

Jodi Quinn said...

We're dyin' here... where the heck's that dissection...?!