Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Market/ New MLS

I've been poking around my local market with limited MLS access. I actually have found some stuff! I didn't think there was an opportunity here, Who knew? It would be a dream to be able to work locally.

I needed local MLS access, and to make a long story short, I 'walked my talk' and gots me some! It took about 5 agents or 5 tries, but I don't give up. I used the exact strategy that I have talked about before, even down to the starbucks gift card and the sharpie! My agent is very nice and she "gets" what I am trying to do. I now have 2 new areas MLS. This makes a total of 4!

I will still use my other agent in other areas and for other things. She is super fantastic and works WAY to hard for her money! But she loves what she does.

So, I have my MLS and my keys. I want 3 by bootcamp! That's like one per week.

Gotta get to it!

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