Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fish On! and snow

I have a house under contract here in California. If it passes the appraisal and my rehab numbers are correct, we are a go. More about that later.

I also have updates on the houses a couple of posts ago. Look for a post later in the week.

Yesterday, we had a freeze storm after it snowed all day, then we had 19 degree temps that froze it all solid. It was fun drivin' in it. I was all squirly and sideways in the empty rite aid parking lot. On purpose of course. :) It felt like the olden days (minus the 67 camaro) Ah, mayhem at midnight.

The power was out all day 'till about 10pm so no heat. This coming year I will be working on solar and wind power AND I'm getting a wood stove installed fer shur.

Here are some photos of early yesterday for your viewing enjoyment :)
Duffy and My Son.



Doot Doot Do, lookin' out my back door.

It was about noon, looking at the neighbor's across the pasture.

Snow made the old farm stuff look artsy.

Tim had to leave at about 4am to allow for the slow drive. He said there were spots where the carmometer read 16 degrees. He drove commando (no chains) I think this is the time of year where we could be in Vegas, then come back to the Mountains in the Summer....yeah, I'm looking into it!

Kelly out........actually Izzy has to go out......more later!


Steph said...

Congrats on the deal under contract, Kelly!! Can't wait to hear the details..

Those are some dang big snowflakes, btw. Very pretty, but makes me cold just looking at it. :)

Scott Costello said...

congrats Kelly! and also Izzy is so cute!!!!

Carey_PA said...


Congrats with the house!!!! What's going on? Did it pass? Are you rehabbing?

Sooooo you're in Cali where it snowed? I was blown away when I was in Cali recently this month and I missed my plane because a highway was closed due to snow and ice! Who woulda thunk it snowed in California?? lmao

Great job with the deal! Keep us updated!