Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !! I'm off to Vegas!!

If you're serious about success, you'll make GOAL SETTING your first love and SELF MASTERY your second <----That's my quote of the day that is usually over ----> but I don't want to lose it. I think they repeat because I've seen a few over and over.

So, I just figured out that I have no driver license. Beautiful... I gotta go to Dmv today or I don't get to rent my bitchen GMC acadia in Vegas.

I'm so excited!! Timmy will be going with me and he'll get to see what I do. We are on a mission. I'm surprised I could pull him away from Cabinets! He is lucky, he loves what he does! He never takes vacation time unless it involves fishing :)

I got these cd's from T Harv Eker's intensive weekend seminar WOW. I have to attend a few of these things I'm sure now. Some of the lessons or excersizes are omitted from the recording because they don't make sense unless you are there live. You start with the first intensive, then you live out those habits for a few months, then go to a choice of more advanced training. I like the way he thinks.

I've figured out that I have to get my 'mind right'. I've been losing momentum and getting discouraged, thinking I should have bagged a deal by now and I feel I'm just spinning my wheels, lots of noise and smoke but going nowhere. I know that kind of thinking is jacked up.....I have been trying to replace that with positive thoughts and affirmations.....Then I get pissed that I let doubt in.....pitiful. So, my immediate remedy is to set smaller goals, accomplish them, get psyched (literally) and build on that. I just need to kick more ass!! :)

Really this post is about how Thankful I am for the wonderful life that I have and the brain that I have, and the love that I have and the health that I have. And all of the fantastic people that I know and know me. I am truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Shae said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kelly! You're rockin' it!

Eileen-WI said...


Keep at it and things will happen. I feel your pain in the negative thoughts area. It's very easy for me to go there too and sometimes it is hard to pull yourself out but you will! You're moving and getting things done.

Keep at it!

Scott Costello said...

Happy thanksgiving Kelly (a few days late)!

You've got the right idea with creating smaller goals in order to make them easier to achieve. Just make sure those goals all point you in the same direction.