Friday, August 21, 2009

Vegas notes

Vegas details a bit late...part bullet points part paragraphs and run-on sentences
*I drove around Vegas, checked out the schools. All the same school district for the whole area.
*Found a contractor.
*Tried to find investor meetings....they are all gone.
*Ran searches for all the mls areas, way too big. Broke it up into zipcodes. From that information I found an active area and dove in. My realtor advised against my choice area saying no locals want to live there and I would be wasting my time. OH Contrair Monfrair! I showed her my stats and she raised an eyebrow. Investors that buy and hold SHOULDN"T be able to use FHA financing. We had fun driving around together and she now knows another area of Vegas that she hadn't considered before. AND it WAS safe.
*Called the MLS help desk several times. There is no DOM search criteria available to non BROKERS. Also no listing agent search. And it is a pain in the neck to run comps. Calif. is so simple compared to NV! (I still love the MLS though!)
*Researched local banks.
*Researched Title companies.
*Found a couple of REO Realtors that are full of themselves. (comical) The Reo realtors set the list price way low to create a bid war and won't write offers. You go into the office and they have an assistant help you or refer you to an agent to write your offer. I didn't have time to try different approaches. I'll find a way around that.
*Friday was my last night there. After meeting with my Agent and submitting offers!!!!!, I drove out to Mountains Edge. It's a nice community with a lot of gated communities inside. Almost all of the neighborhoods are surrounded by basalite block walls instead of fences. Inside out from what I am used to. Kind of cold but probably safer. I tried to follow someone in the gate to check out a job my contractor is on.....they wouldn't let me in :(
It was Friday, so I headed to the Orleans casino for Friday night fights WOOHOO! but, no fights that night...KC & his sunshine band were there. Uh, not this trip. They have a cool Irish pub and a band was setting up, but, I decided to go back to the room and get some shut eye for the 4am trip across the desert.
*On the way home I stopped in Selma at the home depot and got prices and sku, model and color numbers for white, black and stainless appliances. Picked out my carpet color, tile color, wood color, granite color, and fake granite (quartz) color. I'm set.

The homes I found have about 5 to 10 thousand dollars less profit than I need, so I have to keep shopping.

Update on the California Chef hat house......the LA told my agent that it was sold and the roofing contractor has been paid and has begun tear off. Yet it shows still active AND they raised the price today by $5K! I'm watchin' this one. Something is screwy!

MLS Immersion therapy for the next couple of days, the phone is off.

All for now. I gotta call Ginny!

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