Thursday, August 20, 2009

MLS Access Success by others

I just had to publicly congratulate a reader on his MLS access success! I gave him a 2 week challenge to obtain it. He found an agent that is hungry and will work with him AND through that will have his own MLS access. He achieved this in 2 WEEKS exactly! I'm excited for him. I think his ad was better than mine so I will post it here for others to use.


I'm a Cash investor working in with single-family homes; I'm seeking an investor friendly agent to work with. Please call me now if the following adjectives apply to you:

- Assertive
- Punctual
- Creative
- Unpretentious
- Ambitious
- Altruistic


He got a call from a Realtor that was trying exceptionally hard to sell himself, in a good way. He told the Realtor that he was tired of lame Realtors and was ready to build a business relationship with someone who is worth his time. They met later that day and viola, MLS access and an overall great meeting. The Agent is giving him MLS access in exchange for realtor-type leads that result from any of his marketing.

Isn't that fantastic??!! Even though I am normally sarcastic and smartassy, this is genuine excitement! I'm so glad that I could help someone else a little bit!


Freddy said...

Hi! My name is Freddie and I couldn't believe someone was actually puting this TIP online FREE of any optin or I give you this if you give me that. This is absolutely the best FREE TIP I have received this year and it couldn't come at a greater time in my business ( when I am basically just starting and can't afford to have virtual assistance or leverage. So THANK YOU for such a great tip.

Kelly said...

Well thank you! How nice. I'm so glad I could help. If you like free tips you have to check out~ copy and paste that.