Saturday, August 8, 2009

slingin' mud chef hat house

Follow up on the expired listing house with the chef hat roof.

I posted my question to a couple of different boards. Flipping homes is always my best bet. I asked how to move forward on an expired listing? I wasn't sure if I should go through my agent or the listing agent.

Stephani answered me and advised that I call the listing agent, so I did. He said that Wells Fargo placed property in expired status when they have an offer, until it is ratified. (hmmm that sounds funny) I asked him if he would mind telling me what the offer came in at? He said full price and WF was replacing the roof. He didn't want to tell me anything, I was persuasive, (but nice) and he finally told me. That was at 11:45am.

I responded to Steph on FH. Called a couple of other agents just for practice, (because that's what Steph does :) ), ran my actives search again and HEY, there was the expried listing all freshened up and showing zero days on market!! WTH?

I called my agent who has all my stuff in her office and her home to make offers for me since she is over an hour away. She was at home. She wrote up the offer and emailed it over right away.

This is my little experiment, DOM 424 days. So we will see how they play. It just sits there, one of the highest priced crappy houses out there.

Oh, and my dog was sprayed by a skunk, YAY!



Steph said...

Hope the offer works out for ya, Kelly. Keep us posted.

I've never been sprayed by a skunk, but heard that tomato juice gets the smell out.. is that true?

Kelly said...

Hi Steph! I haven't heard yet. Hopefully by Friday.

I'm in Vegas working the Kiss flipping thang! Learning the market.

I used the peroxide baking soda recipe on the dog. It worked ok. He will just have to sleep outside for a while :)

Have a blast in Chicago!