Friday, August 7, 2009

expired reo, breaking and entering

I took the car in to have it serviced for my big trip. I was close to my hood so I decided to scope out comps. I plugged the addresses into the tomtom and away I went. I found 2 for rent signs and left messages with both of them. Hopefully I have found a couple more buyers. I had to break into an REO. Someone had busted the door jam, I always check to see if the place is unlocked. I'd say about 1/3 are unlocked, back door. Nice because my agent isn't always available when I am. I think my market is changing, it feels like the prices are raising and as a result, things have slowed down just a bit.

I don't know how to go forward on a place that is an expired reo listing? It was listed for 400 + days. I should probably ask flippinghomes. This place is not that bad, paint, roof, kitchen, baths, landscape. Just too scarry to the homeowner. It has these weird things on the roof, they look like chef hats and they spin around to vent the roof, which is cedar shake and in fair condition. I just can't figure out why so many chef hats, like 6 for a 1200 sq ft home? Maybe someone's green idea of a whole house fan??

I ran into a dear old friend at my old grocery store. We lost touch about 25 years ago. I had been listening to Wayne Dyer Power of Intention all the way down the mountain. Then I drove by her old house where she hadn't been in 25 years. Her old house is on the way to my hood. I thought how cool it would be if I ran into her somewhere. I went in to my old grocery store on my way home to get a couple of things you can't get in my little town and BAM, I almost ran into her with my cart. Totally freaked me out! Why was she there??? We caught up a bit, I told her I had to get home for my webinar. I'm thrown, I still don't know how I feel about it.

I missed my webinar....couldn't be avoided. There is no recording yet. I'm bummed, but that won't make it better. Positive thinking is haaarrdd. (said in a very whiney voice) :)

I'm going to ignore my messy house and study the new MLS today. Yay!

I think I will go fishing after dinner too. Maybe just pack sandwiches, yeah, that sounds good.


Scott Costello said...

I missed the webinar also, I forgot I had my real estate licensing class last night.

Oh and your Article on my site seems to be getting A LOT of hits so far. :)

Kelly said...

Thank you Scott! It feels great that I might be able to help a couple of folks!

So far, I think the webinar was a launch of access to Bob for $97 per month, which is a screamin' deal.

So to answer your earlier question, it appears it is a course and a group :)