Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Accountability Mond...wait...Wednesday.

So, Machida won. I was secretly rooting for both of them :) It was a tough call for me.

LAST week's goals:
1) Explore a new market and try to obtain my own 'anytime' access from my realtor. WIP
2) Work on my roads. Develop a plan with specific check points. Check and WIP
3) AM Meditation. Check and WIP
4) read the wallstreet journal online. 3 days, could do better
5) sling mud. Failed
6) excersize ..yep, I snuck it in there! Check YAY! and it feels great.
7) send stuff to Ahmed. Check
8) send stuff to Alex. Check
9) connect with bootcampers. Check....still haven't heard back from Jim and Tabitha though.
10) because 9 is not enough...drink more water. Check

This week goals are:
1) Explore the new market.
Get ready to sling mud.
2) Study license stuff.
3) Put "roads" plan on paper.
4) MLS Access.
5) Drink more water.
6) excersize 5 days

I just wanted to get this on here quick like. My dog is in the hospital, she's a 9 year old red Australian shepherd with one brown and one blue eye. Trying to stay positive. Because of that, I just want to keep this brief. I have to go pick her up.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

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