Friday, September 2, 2011

not in a good place

Wow, almost a year since I posted.

Quite a lot has been happening in the personal life. Coupled with some deals that have either not gone through or not picked up by my partner. (Gets expensive after you hire the inspector dude and the appraiser dude.) For me anyway, I don't have a lot of capital. (yet) AND, I haven't been in a good place mentally (emotionally). Facebook just seemed like the place to connect instantly to my peeps and the Blog has been ignored.

I can't even go into's embarrassing. I'm finding that i am making excuses for things i wasn't successful at. And after it was typed, and re-typed, I deleted it all cause it looked like a freakin' pity party. Screw that!!

I would rather people respect me than feel sorry for me. I try to live by the golden rule.

I think everyone would like to be aknowledged when they post a comment or take the time to read, understand, relate to and reach out to someone. I have found that some are not so genuine and are more interested in telling stories than engaging in conversation or entertaining different views. Those people might just be trying to keep score on how many comments they can gather on their story. They may have wanted to be a reporter or a writer and facebook or a blog is how they have satisfied that. I can only guess. Shame on me for expecting more.

I'm going through some big stuff. I am committed to getting my lifeonaire mindset in order. Making a new vision board (almost everything on my old one has come to be) I think I'm just pissed, frustrated and disappointed because I want to be and should be, excited, happy, and hopeful. I just have to be patient, work it out, work it through, and move forward. still looks like a dang pity party. HA! I promise to be better :)

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