Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Quick offer eh? Just got an offer......waiting to speak with my partner. It's FHA though so I'm kind of freaked out. At least now I have a little bit of validation. I really feel like I over prettied this one.

Happy Margarita Day! I like mine with salt on the rocks, but just one or two :) I'll be ready for one or two after this deal!

Oh, and I am now famous (chuckle) I'm listed in the top 50 right between Mike and Matt, how does this happen???? I'm honored :) I better shape up and get serious!

Going to look at 3 houses today and formulate some offers......gotta keep the pipeline full.

I'll update with the news as I get it.

PS Hi Ginny!


Shae said...

Way to go, Kelly! Congrats on the offer. You're movin' and groovin' my friend :-)

Kelly said...

Thanks Shae! Gotta keep the ball rollin' though. :)

Eileen-WI said...

Congratulations Kelly!!! Wow, you got an offer FAST!! You're going to post your numbers, right? How long did it take you to rehab?

Good luck with the closing!