Sunday, August 16, 2009

Productive week in Vegas!

I'm back from Las Vegas. I had a very productive week. I have identified 3 distinct opportunity markets. Checked out a ton of homes. I met a couple of other investors while I was viewing homes, one couple is from Hawaii. They told me some horror stories of a property management company. We will be keeping in touch and sharing information. They might be in the market for more homes if they find the right property manager. I had mapped out 3 different REIA meetings to go to while I was there. All of the Las Vegas REIA contact phone numbers that I called from every investor website were disconnected. WTH? So, I went to Karaoke....I don't think that counts as RE networking. :)

The MLS doesn't have DOM so I had to devise a work around, they also don't have listing agent search, there are other restrictions on mls functions that only a broker can use. AND you have to go into every stinkin' listing ticket and scroll to find the info. It isn't going to be as easy as I had hoped, but that is ok. I am beginning to become an expert.

I had an interruption to my blog...............

We have these birds that scream whenever there is a snake or an alligator lizard. We have seen the birds attack the lizards but not the snakes. We live near a creek and get water snakes and red garter snakes a lot. Last year we had 2 rattlers, they were small. Well the birds started going off, I looked out front to see why and there was this mean looking rattlesnake headed for the porch. The old timers say not to bury them because yellow jacket bees will find it, then when they sting you, they might have venom. I don't know if it is true, and don't have time to find out. We put the business end in a soup can, folded over the top and threw it away. We kept the rattles (Tim has them in the shop for conversation items :) we tossed the middle part in the field for the coyotes. (probably pretty gross to some folks....sorry)

BTW: I made offers. One of the properties I'm calling 'turquoise' (bright spa turquoise color living room) I was told by my agent that if I came in $9000 more on my offer of $90000, that I would have the deal . The listing agent said the bank wouldn't even consider my $90,000 offer. Well, I don't know about that. ( I thought they HAD to submit it ????) The list is 99,000, it's been on the market since the end of June, fell out of escrow so back on the market. My numbers barely come out at $90,000. I'm hanging tough. I have to let her know in the morning.

I have to finish the Vegas story later. Right now I am running comps.

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