Sunday, August 30, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

NO DEAL! Kind of a bummer, but so much a saving grace. A couple of properties came on the market for less than my offer in the same gated neighborhood. Everything happens for a reason eh? I'll sit this one out and watch it to see what someone else does with it. I'm disappointed mainly because I have been looking forward to using that "Holy Crap" line. :) It will be used again......and again! right?! Yeah, I'm sure of it. I am still very excited about my future!

Today, I went to my local market and looked at and filmed a total junker house. It is a total rehab and too much for me to take on because it would take like 2 or 3 months.....I plan to be in Vegas by then. Maybe I could wholesale it. I just got home and haven't thought enough about it. Tim wanted to tear it down. I think the cat pee smell clouded his vision. :) Nothin' like peed carpet in 100 degree weather! My agent said there are 6 cash offers near asking price. I think that is ridiculous! Are these people working just for fun?? Maybe they have access to free sheetrock or have pallets of subfloor laying around. It needs everything except foundation.

Tomorrow I am going to try to snag a pending that has been sitting way too long. I have to figure a way to get into it to check it out.

All for now, no snakes or skunks or mahem, except for the 16,000 more pot plants they took out of my favorite berry picking site. That is quite a crop! And it is very smoky here, Yosemite is on fire.

Oh, and I always thought Tony Robbins was too canned, or over the top. Think 'van down by the river'. I never listened, never gave him a chance. That Hyped up stuff doesn't do it for me. Well after watching a video clip sent to me today....I think I need to visit his site a bit and re-think things.


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