Tuesday, May 19, 2009

zip realty dot com

2 posts / one day I am on a roll! News flash!! Ziprealty took my advice (nagging) and posted the solds. So, if you don't have mls access and want to learn your market without driving it. You can use zip realty predict it game and get feedback on the sold amount and look at the street view to virtually drive the hood and map comps, kinda close. You can also use birds eye view to get 4 angles from the sky to look at the back yard....and the neighborhood. Nothing beats live. But if you are a total noob and have nothing else, it is helpfull. I used trulia to map the current listings. I'm excited to know they finally updated the solds!! It's the little things.


Steph said...

A little nagging goes a long way!

Nice job girl :)

Alex said...

Hey Kelly,

I like to meditate as well. I know there are different meditation types, but I like Transcendental. Its done wonders for me.

I havent used ziprealty, but I like to use redfin.com when I want to look up a property really quick. Its a great site.


PS, Im not surprised to read that the bootcamp changed your life and outlook because I also feel the same way. Its amazing how different my mindset and prospective have changed since then.

Kelly said...

Meditation is still tough for me. I'm like, "OHM...I gotta put the dishes away"...."OHM...I wonder if the dogs have cool water" "OHM...gotta finish the vision board" You know, it just never shuts off. I'm working on it. :)

I checked redfin, thank you. It's pretty cool. I like the open house feature. It isn't in my exact market, but close. I could work Sacramento. I'm focusing on 3 other markets right now. I like zip for the stats, like crime stats and walking score to get a general feel. I studied Vegas before we went. I like it for some stuff, it's a tool.

Yeah, after the discussions we had, I'm driven. Go get 'em!

Alex said...

Thats funny! I know what you mean. It took me several sessions before I was able to quiet the mind chatter. Dont worry, you will get it in no time.

Im driven as well. Since the trip I have gotten my own MLS access as an assistant, a POF letter, access to EMD cash, and have identified a new market with lower price-points to invest in. I plan to make my fist offer by Monday.

No more fear!


Kelly said...

You kick ass!! Way to go!